Monday, June 1, 2009

Solamente Nero (The Blood Stained Shadow)

The two alternatie posters for Antonio Bido's Solamente Nero proved quite tricky to track down for me, but I finally managed to find both of them. I'm fond of the top poster (by L. Crovato) which I find quite striking and atmospheric. The bottom poster by Studio TEF on the other hand is more in line with their frankly rubbish posters for Bido's Il Gatto dagli occhi di giada.


jamie said...

Thank you for such a wonderful blog. I am fascinated with Italian giallo poster art and typefaces. The above picture does have a more atmospheric and more thought out design than the bottom one. I wish I could find some of these posters for sale in Japan. Keep up the great work.

Peter said...

Cheers Jamie! Really glad you to hear you enjoy the blog. They certainly produced some excellent poster art in Italy in the 70's, but there's some fantastic Japanese poster art that I wish I could find over here in Europe.