Friday, June 5, 2009


Renato Polselli's Mania might be impossible to find, but as you can see the poster is around. For those who don't know, Renato Polselli 1973 giallo is like the Holy Grail of the Giallo genre. In the years that I've been trading I've never come across anybody that has claimed to have seen it. No info on the poster artist.


Stephen Grimes said...
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Stephen Grimes said...

Still no sign of this circulating amongst collectors (that i know of anyway!) which is a bit of a surprise considering some of the lost/htf titles which have been turning up over the last year,hopefully a dvdr of the telecine will appear soon or at least the trailer.


In Rome, has been find a copy (in bad condition) at the CSC (centro sperimentale di cinematografia) just 1 year ago!

Peter said...

Intriguing! I guess that means there's at least a slim chance that we might get a chance to see this someday

Jack J said...


There's a trailer for MANIA here:



Anonymous said...

Supposedly a telecine exists but i have not had any strict verification of this thusfar...just heresay at this point.

A print was found and screened in Rome in 2007 but has not been screened since that i am aware of. I have seen 13 minutes of clips recorded on a mobile phone from that cinema screening in Rome and whilst it is awful quality due to the mobile-phone source, you can still see that the quality of the print appears to be very nice and clean!

Strangely enough, that footage was claimed to be the opening 13 minutes but it bears very little resemblance to the first pages of the fotonovel. Instead, it appears it MAY be a compilation of a few scenes from the film edited together from the mobile-phone footage on computer possibly.
Still, it was very nice to see 13 minutes of it, no matter what the quality of the copy was!