Monday, August 11, 2008

And we're back...

Welcome back to Giallo Locandine. I hope you've had a good summer! I had a great and much needed four week vacation that ended last week, so now I'm ready to start posting again.

Even though I took the summer off from posting, it doesn't mean I've been lazy when it comes to picking up new stuff. I've had couple of dozen posters come through during the summer, so I've got lots of good stuff coming up.

It looks like at least one of the DVD covers mentioned in my last post will happen. My locandina for
Un Posto ideale per uccidere will be used for the reverse sleeve on Shameless upcoming (September 15th) Oasis of Fear release. Pretty excited about this release overall, since it's the first English language DVD release of the film and Shamless have delivered some great DVDs recently. If all goes well, there might even be a small Giallo Locandine credit on the cover.

The image on the front sleeve is taken from the fantastic looking Japanese poster and is supplied by Jonny from Lovelockandload.

I've submitted scans for
Designated Victim and Strip Nude for Your Killer as well, but we'll have to wait and see if Shameless end up using them.

Hope to see you back tomorrow for this week's first locandina post!

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