Tuesday, August 19, 2008

La Morte risale a ieri sera (Death Occurred Last Night)

My first viewing of Duccio Tessari's La Morte risale a ieri sera was in Italian with no english subs available. I usually tend to wait and watch films until I manage to find some kind of English option, but being a big Tessari fan I jumped at the chance to finally see it. Even though I only understood a very small part of the dialogue with my very limited Italian, I thought it was a truly excellent film. Tessari film is a very engaging thriller that packs a powerful emotional punch without ever succumbing to melodrama. On subsequent viewings of the film, I've had the pleasure of watching it with subs and my appreciation of the film has only increased.
Part of the success of the film is due to the excellent acting from Frank Wolff and Raf Vallone. The chemistry between the two is great, especially in the scenes in the morgue and when the father cleans out the dead girls things of the flat. This is a hidden gem if there ever were one.
The poster is one of the favourites in my collection, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find any info on who's responsible for the beautiful artwork.

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