Friday, June 20, 2008

Bits & pieces

I've decided to take summer off from blogging, so this'll be the last post for a little while. I'm resuming regular posting duties sometime in august again. Thanks to everybody who's visited the blog and even bigger thanks to those who have posted comments or linked the blog. I've posted a large part of my collection since February, but I've still got a lot left and I've got more stuff coming in (including a couple of very exciting pieces), so there'll be no shortage of stuff to post.

I'm still looking for a few locandine that are essential to my collection, so if you've got any ideas of were I can buy them or if you've got them and be willing so sell/trade, please let me know!
Sette orchidee macchiate di rosso (Seven Blood-Stained Orchids) (1972)
Solamente Nero (The Blood Stained Shadow) (1978)
La Sindrome di Stendhal (The Stendhal Syndrome) (1996)

When I posted the Macchie Solari locandina back i march, I was hoping that Digitmovies would release the complete soundtrack. It's only been two months, but my wish did come true. I got the Digitmovies CD in the post yesterday and finally this fantastic Morricone soundtrack has been given the care and attention it deserves. Yet another excellent release from Digitmovies. (Two weeks ago, I posted that I'd like to see a release of Gianfranco Reverberi's Delirio Caldo soundtrack. Let's hope I'll be as lucky this time!)

I'm pretty excited about the fact a few of my posters might make their way onto DVD covers for some upcoming giallo releases. Although it's not 100% confirmed that it's going to happen, I've submitted scans, so fingers crossed and I'll post more info if it happens.

Finally, I don't want to leave you without a new poster in the last post for the summer. I've just added an alternate Il Diavolo a sette facce locandina to the original post. You can check it out here

I hope to see you back here in august. Have a great summer!

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