Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nude per l'assassino (Strip Nude for your Killer)

Andrea Bianchi's Nude per l'assassino feels a bit like a sleazier and more crude version of The Case of the Bloody Iris. All the important ingredients of the genre are on display. There's plenty of violence and nudity (I don’t think Bianchi misses a single opportunity to show of the female cast in a state of undress). Edwige Fenech always makes a great giallo heroine and this is no exception. Nino Castelnuovo feels very much like a poor man’s George Hilton, but he does a fairly good job with his role although the chemistry between Fenech and him isn’t as good as it was between Fenech and Hilton. It's not great film, but it's a very entertaining one.
Amazing how you can pass on the opportunity to have Fenech on the locandina though...

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