Sunday, March 9, 2008

L'Occhio nel labirinto (Eye in the Labyrinth)

Julia (Rosemary Dexter) dreams that her psychiatrist boyfriend Lucas is stabbed to death. The next day he is nowhere to be found. All traces lead to the small Mediterranean village Maracudi, where Gerda Hoffman (Alida Valli) lives with a variety of eccentrics, musicians and artists. Gerda claims never to have heard of Lucas but Julia soon finds evidence that he might have been at the villa after all…
Enjoyable giallo mostly set in and around a seaside villa (similar to that in La Settima Donna), but director Mario Caiano keep things moving at a brisk pace. Rosemary Dexter is a beautiful leading lady and Valli and Adolfo Celi provide great suppporting cast. Poster art by Symeoni.

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