Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Le Orme (Footprints)

When a film starts off with an astronaut on the moon, you know you’re not in for your average giallo. Le Orme is as much of a psychological drama as it is a thriller, but there are enough mystery elements to the story to attract the more adventurous giallo fan. Florinda is great in the role of Alice, a woman who’s desperately trying to piece together what has happened to her during the last three days. It’s the kind of role that’s perfect for Florinda and I really can’t think of any other genre actress from the mid 70’s, apart from possibly Mimsy Farmer, that would have pulled it off as well as her. Like in The Fifth Cord, Bazzoni once again used Vittorio Storaro and this film looks every bit as great as their previous collaboration. An excellent film that's unfortunately still not available on dvd. Poster art by Renato Casaro.

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