Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Have a great summer!

Like last year I'm not going to post anything during summer, so this will be the last post for a while. I'll start posting sometime in august again. Thanks to everybody who's visited the blog during and even bigger thanks to those who have posted comments or linked the blog.
I'll leave you with the cover for the upcoming Shamless release of Le Orme/Footprints for which I've supplied the artwork. It looks like this will be the definitive version of this fantastic film. Both Italian and English audio, trailer and alternate opening titles. Make sure your copy from Amazon.

Have a great summer and hope to see you back here in August!


Brianiac said...

Have a great summer, Peter! Congrats again on the superb work for the Le Orme disc!

Sutekh said...

Just got this disc and flipped the cover around to show your Le Orme locandine. Great movie, great print and great artwork!