Monday, September 1, 2008

Murderock - uccide a passo di danza (Murder Rock)

It's time for another 80's week and what better way to start it off than with Fulci's Murder Rock. Made four years after the original Fame film and with the tv-series still running, the setting of this 1984 giallo must have seemed like a great idea at the time. Cue plenty of dance scenes, leotards, leg warmers, a very 80’s score by Keith Emerson and some cracking alternate titles that almost sound too good to be true: Slashdance and Giallo a Disco.
There’s some gut-wrenchingly bad Fame-inspired dialogue, hilarious dancing in skimpy outfits and apart from Cosimo Cinieri, the acting really isn’t all that great but I find Murderock strangely entertaining in spite of all this

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