Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Un Bianco vestito per Marialè (Spirits of Death)

I've had Romano Scavolini's 1972 giallo Un Bianco vestito per Marialè in my collection for a long time but since it's in Italian, I never got around to watching it. It wasn't until recently that I managed to get a hold of some fansubbed copy of the film. Turns out it's a beautifully shot film with a good cast (Pistilli, Rassimov and Evelyn Stewart) and great soundtrack, but after waiting for such a long time, this predictable film felt like a bit of a let down. Poster art by Avelli.

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Brianiac said...

It's a nice poster and the soundtrack is excellent, so it's a shame to hear the movie itself isn't so good. Sad to see a cast like that wasted (although it wouldn't be the first time).