Friday, April 4, 2008

Enigma rosso (Red Rings of Fear)

Since Enigma Rosso was recently released on dvd by NEW, I thought it'd be a good time to post the final installment in the "Schoolgirls in peril" trilogy. As previously mentioned, this was directed by Alberto Negrin since Dallamano unfortunately died in car accident in 1976. The film shares quite a few similarities to Solange; the private school setting, the affairs with a teacher and the girls gets spied on in the showers this time as well. Fabio Testi returns (although as an Inspector rather than a teacher this time) and the film also stars Nicoletta Elmi look-alike Fausta Avelli. Although not as good as Solange and Daughters, it still remains a very entertaining and above average giallo that won’t disappoint fans of the previous films. No info on the poster design.


Brianiac said...

Very cool poster and very good film.

Anonymous said...

And Silvia Aguilar