Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Deliria (Stagefright)

I've never really considered Michele Soavi's debut a gialli, but since it's featured in Luther Smith's Blood and Black Lace I've decided to include here. Ostensibly a slasher since there's no mystery or any doubt as to who the killer is and basically the whole cast is just waiting to be picked off one by one. Of course, this doesn't stop Deliria from being one of the more entertaining genre entries from the 80's. Poster art by Sciotti


Aylmer said...

I love Stagefright. Agreed, it's more of a Slasher, but it has the visual style and beauty of a giallo. M. Soavi, where are you?

Peter said...

Considering how talented he is, it really is a shame that Michele Soavi hasn't directed more films. Dellamorte Dellamore remains on of my favourites. Really like this as well

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