Monday, January 19, 2009

Il Sorriso della iena (Smile Before Death)

I'm sure that Barbara Bouchet and Rosalba Neri's naked frolicking has ensured that Amuck will forever remain Silvio Amadio's most well known giallo. But to me, Il Sorriso della iena is the better film of the two. It's an underrated early giallo, full of twists and turns and featuring a great cast (Silvano Tranquilli, Rosalba Neri, Hiram Keller and last but certainly not least, Jenny Tamburi). It remains high up on my list of films I hope will surface on DVD one day. Great artwork by Renato Casaro.


Brianiac said...

I've yet to get around to watching this, but I'm going to try to put it closer to the top of my list after your nice words about it.

Peter said...

Glad to hear you're moving it up a bit in the "To Watch" pile Brain. You're a man of good taste, so I feel pretty confident that you'll like it!