Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gatti rossi in un labirionto di vetro (Eyeball)

Umberto Lenzi directed some truly great gialli in the early 70's. In terms of style, 1974's Spasmo was quite a departure from his earlier films and Gatti rossi in un labirionto di vetro deviates even further from the earlier "jet-set" formula. And not in a good way, one might add. To me, this is Lenzi's least successful 1970's giallo and it's difficult to imagine that the man behind the great Paranoia and Il Coltello di ghiaccio is responsible for this mediocre thriller.
At least the dependable Renato Casaro comes through with a good looking poster.

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gary b. said...

The more I watch this one, the more I like it. I was really disappointed the first time I saw it, after seeing the outstanding Spasmo, but it has since grown on me, and is a true guilty pleasure.