Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Anima Persa (The Forbidden Room)

Like Un Bianco vestito per Marialè, Anima Persa is another film that I've had in my collection for years, but never got around to watching. It's fortunate I held off suffering thorough my poor quality copy of it though. Last month Oli at Profondo Blogger put together a fan composite using the Czech and Spanish DVDs. He was kind enough to send me a copy and I'm really pleased I got to see the film for the first time in this beautiful state. A very different giallo. Slow-moving and atmospheric, it certainly won't appeal to everybody, but I found it very rewarding. Poster by Piero Iaia


Brianiac said...

I love the art for this one and I would love to see the film. Does Oli at Profondo Blogger sell his composites or do you just have to be lucky enough to have him send you one?

I have the s/t and it's amazing. If you want, Peter, I can post it next at SL if you need it.

Peter said...

I haven't got the soundtrack, so it'd be great if you could post it brianiac.
Could you drop me a line with your email addy btw?You'll find mine in my profile

Brianiac said...

Look for it on the site in the next day or so, Peter. I'll get you my email address as soon as I finish typing this.